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Attention: At this time our services are limited to Online and Telephone based counseling and coaching. Learn more:  Online Counseling.

Coral Springs Counseling has a unique philosophy that makes us different from other counseling practices.

Our practice of counseling isn’t just about superficial healing; we help our clients reach for more meaning and fulfillment in their lives. 

This philosophy guides everything we do: 

Many of our most successful clients are ordinary persons who are highly-functioning and well-adapted individuals. We just want you to know that with counseling, ANYONE and EVERYONE have the potential to grow; to become the best person that they can be – to Thrive.

No Waiting lists, Express Appointments, and Extended Hours 

We at Thrive Coral Springs Counseling have a no waiting list policy

We can schedule your first appointment for this very week. We offer extended office hours from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday appointments.

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We want you to find the help, care, motivation, or information you are looking for. Call us at 404-682-1923.


   The Thrive Coral Springs Counseling Team