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Coral Springs Career Counseling

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My name is Dr. Anthony Centore. I am the Founder and Therapist for Thrive Coral Springs Career Counseling. In my years of dealing with people from different walks of life, I have learned that no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, there is always a way of improving it. You can turn a desperate situation into an opportunity that brings both financial and spiritual rewards. Perhaps you are frustrated with how your professional life has turned out and you feel like you are stuck in a rut. We are here to help you find a job that will give you fulfillment and will help solve your money problems.

There are many things that could go wrong in a person’s career path. Perhaps you have lost your job because of the economic shrinkage over the past few years. Perhaps you have faced demotion despite an excellent performance in the office. Or maybe you are simply unsatisfied with your current salary and how your boss or co-workers are mistreating you. We at Thrive Coral Springs would like to assure you that you are not alone when it comes to battling these career roadblocks. We are just a phone call away and we can give expert advice on how you can live the life you want.

Career counseling can work wonders on your professional life. We have assisted hundreds of individuals in finding careers that give them personal and monetary satisfaction. Our coaching sessions can help you:

  • Get a clearer understanding of your interests and skills
  • Determine which career path suits your values, lifestyle, and personality
  • Broaden your marketability and job opportunities
  • Prepare for the job you want
  • Map your career goals

In many cases, people are unable to pursue the career they want because of issues with self-esteem.


                  Self-esteem or Self-image


Simply put, self-esteem is how you perceive and value yourself. People with high self-esteem are often successful in their endeavors because they believe in themselves and can handle different kinds of criticisms. This allows them to face every problem with grace, resiliency, and resolve. Having high self-esteem does not equate to being arrogant or conceited. That’s a completely different issue in itself.

In contrast, a low self-esteem can be destructive to a person’s career life. Some of the problems associated with low self-esteem are:

  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Self-loathing
  • Believing that one is lacking in talent and skills
  • Being afraid of trusting others
  • Inability to communicate and relate with other people
  • Feeling uneasy and nervous when in the company of others


It is a fact of life that other people will always pull you down and make you feel bad about yourself. They may intentionally or unintentionally hurt your feelings and convince you that you are incompetent and useless in an organization. Receiving such feedbacks can damage your self-esteem and may even lead you to a downward spiral to depression.

While we cannot change the attitude of these people, we can make necessary adjustments that would allow us to rise above these superficial remarks and become a better person. Every person born into this world is unique and has a purpose. Everyone has a potential to become a useful member of society. If other people’s comments about you have deeply hurt your confidence and self-esteem, it is time that you do something about it.


“I need career counseling. Where do I get help?”


We welcome you with open arms here at Thrive Coral Springs.


Congratulations! You have taken a necessary step in turning your life around and now you are on your way to healing and success. We understand that you are dealing with enormous problems right now and we would like to take part in your journey to career freedom. The very fact that you have taken this huge step is testament to how much you desperately want to take charge of your future.


Our highly-trained Thrive Coral Springs Counselors will walk with you every step of the way as you unravel hidden skills and abilities as well as exciting career possibilities. You will not face your problems alone. We will guide you in your reaching for your dreams and finding self-satisfaction in your chosen career path.


 What Sets Thrive Coral Springs Career Counseling From the Rest?


This is such a bold claim to make, but we believe that our counseling standards are a cut above the rest.


Thrive Coral Springs Counselors help hundreds of professionals from different fields every year. Whether you are a medical practitioner, lawyer, software developer, or a blue-collar worker, we can help you overcome the challenges of your job and perform effectively. It doesn’t matter where you are in the country. Our online and telephone counseling are within reach.


Our clients are diverse and many of them have come from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Harvard, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Our counseling methods are personalized according to your educational, cultural, and religious background.

Here at Thrive, we are deeply committed to your overall well-being. Our counselors are competent and well-equipped in handling all sorts of career crisis.

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