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Whether it’s learning how to overcome crisis, or just simple advice to keep a relationship strong, expert counseling help is available

My name is Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder and Therapist for Thrive Miami Couples Counseling, and I just want you to know that -- no matter what has happened in your relationship, no matter how troubled, angry or sad you feel about it all, and no matter how hopeless things may seem – healing is well within the reach for you and your partner.

Hurt an
d pain, sadness and tears, rage and anger… all these things may plague you and your partner right now. However, I want you to know that you are not alone, and we at Thrive Miami can help you out. 

Relationship Problems:

Almost half of all marriages these days end in divorce. What is even worse than the emotional divorce that plagues couples who have a deep, wide gap between them that prevents them from experiencing happiness together?

There are many factors that cause and aggravate emotional divorce between two people: 

  • Failed and Troubled Communication
  • Uncontrolled Anger
  • Mindless Dependency
  • Jealousy and Failed Trust
  • Painful History
  • Infidelity
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Unmanageable Schedules
  • Doubt and Uncertainty

These are just a few of the many factors that can cause serious relationship problems. Can you understand and relate to some of these problems?

The real problem lies not in the fact that couples experience these problems, but the fact that they don’t seek help when they need it the most. Years and years of unnecessary pain and suffering can be undone and avoided with help.

A couple just needs to reach out and take it.

"My relationship needs help. Where do I turn?"

This is where we at Thrive Miami come in.

First off, congratulations. The mere fact that you’re reading this message means you have taken the first step to finding the answer to your questions; to solving your problems. You are this close to making change in your life, even if took you weeks, months, even years for you to find it.

I, Dr. Anthony Centore, or one of the other excellent Thrive Miami Counselors, will walk with you from this point on. You and your significant other will not struggle with your problems alone. We will help you attain the peace and happiness that the both of you so rightly deserve.

How is Thrive Miami Couples Counseling Dramatically Different?

We know this is a bold statement, but we are not embarrassed about the professional standards we take so much pride in.

Thrive Counselors help hundreds of individuals, couples, and families from Miami every year, while our telephone and online counseling also allows us to reach out all over the country to those in need.

We have clients who hail from Harvard University, MIT, Miami University, Tufts, McClain Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital – these clients from prestigious institutions all demand the best services, and we do not fail to deliver.

That is because here at Thrive, we are focused on your welfare and wellbeing. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with only the best counseling services staffed by the most competent counselors.

We recognize that only qualified and competent counselors will be able to live up to our professional standards. Our counselors:
  • Have earned Doctoral (PH.D.) level degrees.
  • Are at par with mental health professionals nationwide
  • Regularly contribute to the counseling profession by having their works published in CCT Magazine (a counseling magazine read by 50,000 subscribers), and the prestigious Journal of Mental Health Counseling
  • Have numerous achievements, certifications and specializations
  • Are driven for excellence by constantly updating and refining their skills and expertise in counseling
It is this focus on our client’s welfare and wellbeing that pushes us to give our all from the first time you make a phone call to our office (617-395-5806), to the first step you take in our office atop a beautiful building on Cambridge.

We at Thrive Miami treat our clients with the utmost care and respect. At Thrive, we see our clients as persons, not disorders. We do not see you and your significant other as a simple list of symptoms, diagnoses and problems. You are persons who want more out of life, and we recognize and respect that.

To facilitate better, more engaging lives, we look at the way we practice our profession of counseling as both an ART and a SCIENCE that helps people attain the same satisfaction and fulfillment as that our high-achieving and widely respected clients receive.

No Waiting Lists: First Couples Counseling Appointment This Week

I, and the Miami Therapists who work with me, offer our clients something that most other marriage counselors, relationship psychotherapists, marriage and family psychologists, family social workers, or anyone else in the mental health counseling field can or will offer care services do not.

And that is our attention to time.

Time is of the essence. Your relationship deserves help, needs it, now. Not a year later, not a month later, not even a week later. If you call us today to schedule your first session, you can get your first therapy appointment with our professional counselors in just one week. We can also manage to get our clients on the same day that they call, so your precious time won’t be wasted on long waiting lists.

This standard of management is unprecedented for a counseling practice anywhere in Miami, and we are proud of our professional standards of punctuality and properly managed scheduling: all to provide you with the best counseling services that your relationship deserves. We know that you’re important, and we’re willing to move our personal schedules for the sake of your relationship.

The way I see it is this: You worked up the motivation and courage to begin relationship counseling, the least I can do is help you receive your first couples counseling or marriage counseling session right away.

You can Talk to a Thrive Miami Couples Counselor Today!

SPECIAL OFFER: Let's take a few minutes and talk about your most important relationship. FREE, No Charge.

You don’t even need to go to our office to see how our relationship counseling process goes. When you call us up, you won’t be talking to a secretary or other administrative staff: you’ll be talking to one of our skilled Ph.D. counselors who knows what he or she’s doing when it comes to helping couples, and whose goal is to ultimately help you out with your problems or give you the support you need.

However, there are times when we are simply busy helping other couples with their problems. So if we are unavailable, do not feel as if we are rejecting you: leave us a message and we will call you back the very same day that you called us – often within the hour.

In case you missed it, our number is 617-395-5806.

Don’t wait until the years of pain, anger, tears and suffering will choke the life out of your relationship with your significant other. Hope and healing is available to you. All you need to do is take the first step, and we will be there to help you do just that. Let's begin right now: call us at 404-682-1923.


Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Miami Relationship Counseling Team


Just in case you missed it, a skilled Thrive Miami expert relationship therapist, not a secretary, will answer the phone and talk with you right now. If we are helping another couple when you call, just leave your contact numbers and we’ll be calling you within the day – often within the hour. And if you decide to take the first step to healing, we at Thrive Miami will be able to schedule an appointment for you and your significant other this very week.

You don’t need to suffer silently as pain, anger, sadness, and distrust cripple you and your significant other’s relationship. We don’t just ‘stop you from feeling bad’ about each other; we help bring happiness and joy back into your relationship.